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3rd August 2014

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Travel, Travel, Travel

Things the last two months have pretty much revolved around one thing…travel.  As most of you know, the summer is festival season.  We LOVE the festivals, but these festivals are not very close to each other, so that means quite a lot of travel from one to the next.  Aside from the festival dates, we also book lots of other concerts, which put us all over the country as well.  Just in the last couple months we’ve been as far as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, Oregon etc, etc.  Lots of driving!!!

With that being said, we’ve been having a blast!  All of those festivals we’ve done this summer have been so much fun.  We’ve met so many amazing people and spent time with so many amazing bands.  It’s been an honor and a privilege.  We love it!  Furthermore, we get to see this beautiful country that we live in…and wow, there is a lot to see!  We’ve been doing a lot of sight-seeing while we’ve had time off on the road, which has been a blast!  We’ve had the privilege to see such places as Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills in South Dakota, we’ve climbed to the top of Spencer’s Butte in Oregon, etc.  It’s been so fun!  The scenery and views have been quite amazing.

As for the band, as you most likely know, our single, “Jump Start My Heart” has been doing quite well on radio, which has been so exciting, and such a blessing.  It’s always nice to see hard work pay off and this is no exception.  Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers.  We appreciate it more than you even know!

One prayer request that we do have is in regards to our vehicle situation.  Our tour vehicle bit the dust this year and we’ve recently been renting a van from one of our very gracious friends.  However, it’s time that the band get a new vehicle and we’ve been searching high and low for one!  Please pray for us for wisdom in this endeavor and that we would find what we are looking for.  Thank you so much!

You guys are all awesome!  Seriously, your continued encouragement and hospitality out on the road has been an inspiration.



17th March 2014

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1 Day To Go!!!!

Well, well…as you all may have heard already, our record comes out tomorrow!!!!!  That’s right, our brand spanking new record, “One Noise” hits stores online and retail tomorrow!  You could run out to your nearest Christian music store or even sit in the comfort of your own home and buy it online.  You could make a day of it, or an afternoon of it, or an evening of it, or even buy it and listen to it bit by bit over the next few days….your options are endless! 

Also, to all of you who helped us reach our goal on Kickstarter, thank you so much!!!  You are amazing and we’re so, so blessed and grateful to have met our goal.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  You’re all so amazing!

Obviously it’s an exciting time for the band.  As you also may know, our first single off the new record, “Jump Start My Heart” is already out and playing on radio.  Last week it was on the Christian radio charts at #27, and that’s amazing since it’s only been out for about 3 weeks.  Keep on requesting it at your local radio stations whether they play the song or not!  We want to keep that single climbing!

Again, thanks to all of you for everything.  Your support has been amazing.  We’re so excited for what the future holds.  Please keep us in your prayers as we tackle some more obstacles in the coming weeks and months.  We know your prayers help a great deal.



6th February 2014


January Recap, February Update

Hello ladies and gentlemen!!!  I hope you’re having a safe and warm early February.  It’s been a cold winter this year!  Even in Nashville, which typically isn’t quite this cold.  I guess I’m not so used to the freezing temperatures anymore, as living in Nashville for the last 6 years sure has made it difficult for me to enjoy the cold weather like I once did.  I can’t say that I thought a whole lot about it while I lived in northern Indiana, but once I moved south, I immediately loved the milder winters.  I think I’ll stay here for a while!!!

We had an eventful and fun January, how about you guys?!!!  We got to spend a lot of time with our friends in Dallas, PA at Camp Orchard Hill and we had a BLAST.  Seriously, those folks know how to have a good time.  That is one of our favorite places on earth, that’s without a doubt!!!  If you think about it, please ask Little Dave about a specific ventriloquist mask!  Ask him on facebook, twitter…wherever, because there is a pretty amazing story to tell:)  I might just type it up for a blog in the future.

In January we also had the opportunity to play a few concerts, in particular with got to play in Sparta, NJ and in Truckville, PA.  Both places were so rad, and the folks who worked with us on the shows were amazing.  Really, you guys took such good care of us.  Thank you so much!!!

February Update

The record release is drawing near!  And the release of our new single is even nearer still!!!  Are you guys excited about the release, or what?!  Seriously, I’m ready to have this record out there already.  I know all of us are excited to see how you all like it!

Also, there are more and more dates being announced for the We Won’t Be Shaken tour, with Building 429, Family Force 5, and Hawk Nelson.  Keep up with the updates at satellitesandsirens.com.  We are constantly updating it when new shows are announced.  For further information, check out our Facebook page, which has all the venue info and ticket links.

You guys rock!!!  We can’t wait to see you and meet you out on the road.  We’re hitting a lot of cities on this tour, so we better be seeing your beautiful faces at those concerts!


14th January 2014


On set for a recent video shoot…Geoff and Dave looking dapper. 

14th January 2014


New Album, New Tour, New Stuff

How about that title for a blog?!  It’s definitely fitting for the new year for us.  I can’t even explain how excited we are for what is ahead this year.  As many of you might have already heard via Facebook & Twitter, we are heading out next month on a completely awesome Tour.  It’s called the “We Won’t Be Shaken Tour” featuring Building 429, Family Force 5, and Hawk Nelson.  How great of a lineup is that?!!!  Pretty ridiculous.  We’re super duper pumped for it.  We’ll be posting the dates, cities and venues soon.  Once those are posted, keep an eye out for any changes, because the tour may be adding dates between now and the start of the tour.  How excited are you about this?!!!  Can you tell we’re excited?!

Ok, new thing #2 is little more obvious.  The new record is coming and it’s coming soon!  The official release date isn’t announced yet, but as soon as that info is released, you’ll be finding out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and here on the fine Tumblr site! 

Here’s a sneak peek! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M7V5Jc0YQA

We also have some new videos coming, so be watching out for those.  We’re working like crazy, building up to the release of the record, which means we’ll be releasing some videos in the meantime.  They’ll be fun, so hopefully you guys will dig them.  I’m actually quite sure that you will :)

AND, we’re going to be getting some new swag very soon.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, new merch!  We’re pumped for a refresh of our merch items and we’ll be making that happen before the new tour.

AND…we have a new website in the works.  You might be asking yourself, “really, can you possibly be having more new stuff?!”  The answer is yes, lots o’ new stuff, including a newfangled website.  As you probably know, we’ve been needing a refresh of our website since the Reagan era.  Seriously.  Thank goodness it’s coming soon.

OK, that’s all I’m divulging for today, but there will be more soon.  Very soon!

Let us know how you’re doing.  Just like always, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Tumblr. 


8th January 2014

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It’s a New Year!!!

Hey, hey, hey!  How’s everyone’s New Year going?!  Ok, yes, I know 2014 is only 1 week old, but I hope this year is already getting you guys excited for the future!  I know that me and the boys in S&S are particularly excited about 2014.  There are so many things in store, how can we not be excited?  We can’t announce some things just yet, but very soon we’ll let you all in on a few pieces of news that will surely get you guys excited as well.  It’ll be a fun year!

As of right now, the new record is in the mixing and mastering phase and let me tell you…the mixes so far are sounding really great.  We’re really proud of this record, and we’re super excited for when the album releases and you have the opportunity to hear the whole thing.  It’s definitely been a labor of love for us.  We spent a little more than a year writing for it and we really believe this record is one that you, the listener, will enjoy as well.  we’re excited!!!

Now I can’t write this blog without noting that the weather has been wretched the last couple weeks!  I mean, it’s colder than cold.  It was under 10 degrees earlier this week in Nashville.  We nearly froze just thinking about it being that cold.  Look, I know up north 10 isn’t a big deal, but when that happens in the south, it’s might as well be the end of the world!  The funny thing is we did a concert on New Year’s Eve in Detroit and it was 15 up there and we were SO excited to get back to the warmth of Nashville.  The day we got home it was 45…but sure enough, 48 hours later it was 15 degrees.  I think the cold may have followed us.  Forgive us Nashville, we brought the tundra from up north with us!

As I mentioned, we did a New Year’s Eve gig in Detroit and man, it was fun!!!  I’ve never seen so many activities happening in one place for a New Year’s party.  Laser tag, mechanical bull, indoor floor hockey, a movie room…the list goes on and on.  Needless to say, we had plenty to do that night aside from playing a concert!  I hadn’t played laser tag in years, so I was loving life while we were acting like we were 15 again.  Good times!

We also led worship at Spring Hill Camp up in Evart, MI.  Wow!!! What a cool camp.  Seriously, that place is amazing.  It has a 1,000ft zip line.  Yeah, you didn’t misread that, I said 1,000ft.  It was crazy, and awesome!  And we rode it when it was about 20 degrees out.  As much fun as it was, I thought I was going to freeze solid before I even reached the bottom of the line.  Brrr!  We are seriously so excited about the possibility of being back at that camp again.  Everyone there was so rad!

Alrighty folks, I’ll be back again soon.  Keep checking our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  We’ll have some rad news coming soon!!!


11th November 2013


Jonathan in the studio, setting up for Jonathan’s wedding, and Geoff talking in the crowd at Acquire the Fire Cleveland.  Good times!!!

11th November 2013


Weddings and a New Record!

Ladies and gents, it’s been quite a ride for us the last couple weeks!  It’s been busy-busy-busy.  More importantly, there have been a lot of really awesome things going on!  Ok, so here’s a breakdown of the most recent notable events…

1.  Jonathan got married!  Yup, our lovable drummer got married!  The wedding was held in Kansas City, MO and folks, it was a seriously great time.  Along with a couple other good friends, all of the band guys were groomsmen in the wedding.  We all had a crazy good time hanging out with friends and seeing our good buddy get married.  I can’t communicate enough how happy we are for Jonathan.  Yay!!!  Of course, what is a trip to Kansas City without getting amazing KC BBQ while we’re there?  I’m sure I gained weight while I was there, since we seemingly ate BBQ every chance we got!  Mmm-mmm good.

2.  Well, it’s official, we’ve started recording the next record.  Last week we had the opportunity to go into the studio and lay down what will be two songs on the record.  It went really smoothly and we’re super duper excited about how it’s sounding already.  We can’t wait to share it with all of you.  It’s going to be a long process getting all the songs recorded, mixed and mastered, but we’re confident that it’ll go really well. 

3.  We also recently played our last Acquire the Fire (ATF) event for 2013, and it was awesome fun!  Really, it was so much fun, as they all have been.  We’ve been so, so blessed to be a part of these events.  The ATF folks are so rad, we seriously love working with them.  Keep a look at the ATF calendar for the spring, as we’re surely going to be playing more events in 2014!!!

Thanks again for all your support.  We so, so appreciate it.  Please keep us in your prayers as we’re finishing out the year by recording this record.  Just as I know it’ll be really fun to make, and we’re excited about the songs, I also know that it’ll be a stressful time.   We would appreciate your prayers during the process.

We love all of you!


18th October 2013

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Top photo:  Sonfest headliner Thousand Foot Crutch rocking faces off.

Bottom Photo: Us getting ready for sound check at Acquire the Fire in Amherst, MA.  Fun day!  ATF rocks!

18th October 2013

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Recording Soooooon….

Hey, hey, hey,

I just wanted to let you all know that we’re going to be recording very soon for the new record!!!  I know, I know, I’ve been saying for a while now that this is going to be coming soon, but it’s nearly upon us at this point.  We’ve been having a great time getting all the songs together and picked for what will be the record.  I know we’re all pumped with the new material and for the opportunity to put another record.  We really are blessed. 

Last week we were blessed to be able to play for our new record label family at Dream & Capitol Records.  It was an intimate setting, but they let us rock out, and it was a blast!  It was great to meet all the wonderful people that are going to be working alongside us as the next record is getting released, and beyond.  We truly believe that we have an amazing team working with us right now…from management, to booking, to our new label.  It really is an exciting time for us.

As usual, we’ve been staying really busy playing concerts and leading worship.  Our newest adventure is leading worship Oct. 21 at Belmont University for the SALT Visual Worship Conference.  We’re leading the first day (out of 3) and it’s going to be really really fun.  The conference sounds like it’s going to be really amazing, so we are excited to be a part of it!  If you’re in Nashville, come check out the conference, it’s going to be worth it!!!

Thanks for tuning in!  Until next time…